How Much Does the Average Patio Set Cost

How Much Does the Average Patio Set Cost

Simplify your patio shopping with our savvy guide! Explore top materials from $100-$1800, sizes for every space, and essential buying tips.


  1. What Impacts the Price of Patio Furniture Sets?
  2. Average Patio Set Costs by Material
  3. Average Patio Set Costs by Size and Type
  4. Final Thoughts on Choosing the Perfect Patio Set

Relaxing outside on a cozy patio set is one of life's simple pleasures, but figuring out what kind of outdoor furniture to buy and how much it'll cost can feel like a headache. With so many different materials, sizes, and styles out there, it's tough to know where to even start looking. This article is here to make your patio dreams a reality without breaking the bank. We'll break down average costs for patio sets based on if you want plastic, wood, metal or that trendy wicker look. We'll also explain how the size - whether it's just a small bistro set for two or a huge sectional sofa situation - affects the price tag. But most importantly, we'll give you tips on investing in quality pieces that'll withstand the outdoor elements for years, so you can truly get the best bang for your buck creating your backyard oasis.

What Impacts the Price of Patio Furniture Sets?

The main factors that affect how much you'll pay for a patio furniture set include:


The type of materials used is a primary cost driver. Plastic is the most budget-friendly, while wood, metal, and wicker options increase in cost but offer greater durability.

Size and Configuration

Larger conversation and dining sets with more pieces like sofas, loveseats, and tables demand higher prices than smaller bistro sets.

Brand Reputation

Well-known patio brands with reputations for quality construction and materials tend to be more expensive than lesser-known generic brands.

Additional Features

Any upgraded extras like cushions, umbrellas, or accent tables will add to the total cost.

Delivery and Assembly

For larger patio sets, you may need to factor in delivery fees as well as professional assembly charges from the retailer.

By considering these key variables of materials, sizing, brand factor, add-ons, and logistics, you can better estimate pricing for patio furniture to fit your outdoor space and budget.

Ovios 6 Pieces Outdoor Sectional Sofa with 7.68'' Broad Handrails

Average Patio Set Costs by Material

PE Wicker Patio Sets: Modern and Low-Maintenance

PE wicker patio furniture is the way to go if you're all about that trendy woven look but can't be bothered with tons of maintenance. This synthetic stuff gives you that modern, breezy vibe everyone's going for these days, without any of the cracking or fading issues you'd get with natural wicker after a season or two in the sun.

Prices run $300 on the lower end up to around $1,800 for the really nice sets. Not cheap by any means, but worth the splurge if you want durable, weather-resistant pieces that'll look fresh for ages with just an occasional wipe-down. No more sealing, staining or repainting year after year like with wood.

Is PE wicker as sturdy as wrought iron? Probably not. But it's still a solid, lightweight option built to hold up outdoors way better than basic plastic. The perfect middle ground if you're craving that laid-back yet stylish look for your contemporary backyard oasis without masses of upkeep.

Plastic Patio Sets: The Budget-Friendly Option

Plastic patio sets are by far the most budget-friendly option out there. You can easily snag a full setup for anywhere from $100 to $800, making it super affordable for just about anyone. One of the biggest perks is just how lightweight and portable these are - ideal if you live in a tiny apartment with just a small balcony or courtyard. They're also an absolute breeze to maintain. Just give them a quick wipe down and you're good to go, no fussing with stains or sealants required.

Of course, you get what you pay for with plastic. It's just not going to be as long-lasting or high-quality as pricier wood, metal or wicker options. The material can start looking pretty beaten up after just a couple seasons in the sun, fading and cracking until it's ready for the curb. And let's face it, plastic never really has that truly luxurious look and feel compared to the fancier stuff.

But if staying on a strict budget is priority number one, plastic reigns supreme for inexpensive outdoor furnishings. It makes perfect sense for housing situations where you'll likely be replacing the set every few years anyway. Just don't expect miracles in terms of longevity from the cheapest of the cheap options.

Ovios Patio Furniture Set 6-Piece with Swivel Rocking Chairs and Table

Wooden Patio Sets: The Classic, Rustic Look

Wooden patio furniture never goes out of style with its classic, rustic charm. But that timeless look comes at a premium - you're easily dropping $400 minimum for a basic set, with the nicer teak and cedar options running over $2,000.

The big upside of wood is its durability when properly maintained. With regular staining and sealing, quality wooden pieces can last for decades withstanding all the elements Mother Nature throws their way. Weather-resistant woods like teak and cedar are ideal for year-round outdoor living.

Maintenance is key. Skip it too often and you'll soon have an aging, cracked, weathered mess rather than that beautiful natural look you paid for. Constant upkeep is just par for the course with wood patio furniture.

If you've got your heart set on that rustic vibe and don't mind the yearly staining ritual, a wooden set can be a worthwhile investment - especially if you live in a warm, dry climate. Just be ready to fork over the bigger bucks upfront for that taste of traditional backyard living.

Metal Patio Sets: Durable and Versatile

Metal patio furniture is where it's at if you want something built to last with hardly any upkeep required. We're talking strong, durable materials like aluminum and wrought iron that can seriously withstand whatever nature throws their way - blistering sun, pounding rain, you name it. And rust? Not a chance if you spring for the quality rust-resistant sets.

Price-wise, you're looking at a pretty broad range of $200 on the lower end up to around $1,500 for the real high-end stuff. The cheaper metal sets can be hit-or-miss though, with potential moisture issues down the road if the coating isn't up to par.

One drawback - metal furniture can get insanely hot when sitting in direct sunlight for hours. You might want to throw an umbrella over that aluminum table unless you enjoy branded thighs.

Overall, metal is a solid low-maintenance choice that plays nice with any aesthetic, from sleek and modern to more traditional looks. Just be willing to invest in a quality rust-proof set from the jump instead of the bargain bin stuff that'll likely nickel-and-dime you in the long run.

Ovios Outdoor Sectional Furniture 7-Piece with Cushions and Table

Average Patio Set Costs by Size and Type

Bistro Sets: Intimate Outdoor Seating

Type: Patio Bistro Sets

Cost Range: $100 - $600

Includes: 2 chairs, small table

Best For: Small patios, balconies or courtyards for casual seating for two

Conversation Sets: Backyard Entertaining

Type: Patio Conversation Sets

Cost Range: $400 - $1,500

Includes: 4+ chairs, table, sometimes a fire pit

Best For: Accommodating small groups in your outdoor living room setup

Sectionals: Ultimate Outdoor Lounging

Type: Patio Sectional Sets

Cost Range: $1,000 - $5,000+

Includes: Modular sofa, chairs, fire pit table

Best For: Creating a true outdoor living room for maxing and relaxing

How to Choose the Right Set

When selecting a patio set based on size and configuration, consider:

Space - Measure your patio or deck to ensure proper fit and traffic flow

Usage - How you plan to use the area (dining, lounging, entertaining)

Guests - Get a set with enough seating for your typical party size

Growth - Leave room to add pieces as your entertaining needs change

Versatility - Look for modular, reconfigurable designs you can adapt

With the right size and arrangement, your outdoor furniture can perfectly accommodate all your patio needs - from cozy date nights to big backyard bashes!

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Perfect Patio Set

At the end of the day, selecting the perfect patio furniture is about finding pieces that fit your unique outdoor space, style preferences, and lifestyle needs. Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of wood, the easy breezy vibe of wicker, or the no-fuss durability of metal, there's a patio set out there calling your name. And while budget will inevitably play a role, remember that investing in higher quality materials and trusted brand names now can pay off big time down the road with furniture that lasts for years of memory-making backyard hangs. So don't be afraid to splurge a little on that dream setup - your future self will thank you when you're still cozying up in those same comfy chairs watching the kids' kids play on that very patio.

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