How to Clean a Kennard Sofa

How to Clean a Kennard Sofa

A Kennard sofa is an essential part of any reclining couch. It has unique features like thick, pillow-top padded arms, leather match upholstery in seating areas, and plush divided back for lumbar support. In addition, it features a pad over chaise design seating. For durability, the Kennard sofa is constructed from 7/8-inch hardwood.

Benefits of Using a Kennard Sofa

The fabric on a Kennard sofa has several benefits, including low maintenance and easy cleaning. These sofas are often made of polyester, nylon, acrylic, or blended fabrics and feature tight weaving to resist stains. The material is also durable and can withstand spills, animals, and kids' binders. The fabric also tends to match existing décor better, so it's easier to coordinate a room with the rest of the room.

Quality materials are essential for any sofa. A high-quality polyester sofa can last ten years or longer, provided it is correctly cared for. Cheaper items may wear out faster, and you might end up having to replace them before the 10-year mark. Whether you're considering purchasing a new sofa or a refurbished one, here are some things to consider. While you can't always feel the difference between cheap and high-quality materials, quality upholstery is essential.

Tips to Clean Kennard Sofa

There are several ways to clean your Kennard sofa to ensure it looks new again. Here are a few of them:

First, try sprinkling baking soda all over the couch to remove dirt. This solution will remove odors and loosen stubborn stains. You can also mix equal parts of baking soda and water. Simply spray the mixture onto the soiled area, wait 15 to 20 minutes, then vacuum it up using a brush attachment. Remember to always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the couch to ensure it will work on the sofa.

Another option is to use a water-based upholstery cleaner to remove stains. You may also use a fabric sanitizing spray to remove odors. These products are much cheaper and eco-friendly than commercial cleaning agents.

Why Are Kennard Sofas Better?

When it comes to leather upholstery, nothing compares to the plush comfort of a Kennard reclining sofa. Top-grain leather upholstery is paired with a matching vinyl cover for a clean, contemporary design. A convenient center console with two cup holders sits under the lift top, while plush divided back cushions and pad-over-chaise seating are found on the arms and seat. A lift-top middle console also features two cup holders and a convenient side handle for manually activating the reclining mechanism.

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